1.      Handle 1 room at a time – don’t see your house as a whole – that can be too much – instead break it down to 1 room at a time – focus on an easy room than a hard room – before you know it your house will be clean
2.      Spread the cleaning over multiple days – don’t kill yourself trying to clean you house all in one day that can be too much – break the clean down over more than one day – take a week - write up a daily cleaning plan and stick to it by the end of the week your house will be clean
3.      While cleaning put anything that is no longer used, you don’t know why you have or things you want to get rid of – in a box – use as many boxes as needed – once all these things are in boxes close the boxes and put them away – don’t look at them for a month unless you need something from one of the boxes  - if after a month you have never looked at the boxes – then you know you can live without all the stuff in the boxes and you can now get rid of all the extra stuff – This is a great way for people who have a hard time getting rid of stuff – to see that they can live without their stuff and that they no longer need it.