I love finding gems of ideas to add to my growing knowledge base (which truth be told isn't much- YET:) I found this article in my wanderings from a mom who knows what we are all thinking. Click here to read!

My favorite idea was number 8:


This is my version of the little black book - although mine is much larger! Keep a book with all your important organizing information in it for anyone in the household to reference.
I'm the organizer of the family and I can't really expect my husband, family member, or babysitter to remember every single detail about my kids or home on a regular basis. Their schedules, doctors and school activities are always changing.
So, I decided to keep a book that I have divided up into categoris such as health records, school activities, childcare information and house reference.
So, if my husband is home and the lights go out he knows exactly where to find the emergency number to call or if our babysitter needs to find out our child's schedule change she can just look it up. It really saves you from writing information over and over again.