Winter is coming up...So for those who live in those snowy states here is a checklist to go through to be fully prepared for the winter:

  1. Heating System (Test, Seasonal Maintenance, Replace the Air Filter, Fuel, Heating Vents, Check for Carbon Monoxide Leaks)
  2. Air Conditioner (Clean Condensing Unit of Debris, Cover Condensing Unit)
  3. Wood Burning Fireplace / Chimney / Flue (Clean, Fix if needed)
  4. Plumbing (Insulate Exposed Piping)
  5. Insulation (Insulate your hot water tan, Insulate exterior outlets and switch plates)
  6. Doors and Windows (check for weatherstripping, check for air leaks)
  7. Roof (Check roof for missing or damaged shingles, clean gutters and repair)
  8. Sprinkler Winterizing (Winterizing should include turning off the water supply and blowing compressed air through the sprinkler lines to purge them of water and prevent them from freezing and bursting.)
  9. Landscape and Amenities (deck sealer if it needs, drain gas from lawn mower, cover patio furniture, drain water fountains and unplug the pumps)
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