Print this if you don't have these :) 

 Bucket or Plastic Carry All to hold supplies
 checkbox.png  Rubber Gloves
 checkbox.png  Window and Glass Cleaner
 checkbox.png  Baking Soda: this is a great green addition. It deodorizes and cleans, and even unclogs drains when combined with salt.
 checkbox.png  Household Cleaner Spray Bottle
 checkbox.png  Germ Killer
 checkbox.png  Toilet Cleaner and Brush
 checkbox.png  Wood Polish or Surface Polishing Spray
 checkbox.png  Air and Fabric Freshener
 checkbox.png  All Purpose Cleaner
 checkbox.png  Cleaning Rags: A variety of clothes, cleaning sponges, paper towels and wet wipes.
 checkbox.png  Garbage bags and Plastic Grocery Bags
 checkbox.png  Dusters: A long handled feather duster can help you clean hard to reach places.
 checkbox.png  Broom and Dustpan
 checkbox.png  Mop or Swiffer