When it comes to putting together window treatments for an already cluttered room, simplicity is key.

For high-traffic areas of the home that see a lot of foot-traffic, busy furniture, or are simply overcrowded and don't offer much space, the ambiance of the room can feel quite daunting. This can actually be rectified with a few simple steps.

First off, you should optimize the room for the best flow of energy throughout it. This means rearrange that furniture and find the setup for optimal utility (whilst remembering to keep an eye on aesthetic pleasure). The next step is to balance the heavily stocked room with light and simple window treatments.

Long Island Blinds are simple, clean and work wonders on calming any cluttered room. If blinds are too simple for your tastes, it is suggested to move onto a fabric that is still fairly lightweight, and a simple solid color. If this is still to reserved for you, you can move on to a heavier fabric curtain, such as the beautiful curtains from Hunter Douglas Long Island. Again, try and stick with a solid color or a pattern that is relatively tight. If still you are not satisfied, and would like to try a bit of louder colors and/or patters, you may; but remember the sure adage for a cluttered room: "Less is more."

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