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We are in the midst of a brand new year, and I only made one resolution this New Year's Eve, it was to finally get rid of my old furniture and get something new. My furniture renewal was way overdue, as I have had my living room furniture for 12 years now. All of my furniture was drab, scratched-up, and was picked out from the finest collection my local Goodwill Store had available. Yes, it was definitely time for a  change.

The first think I did was move my television out of the living room. My TV had sat for so long on the rickety TV stand that the table was bowed downward and sagging, this would definitely need to be the first piece to go. As it turned out, it was the most difficult piece to replace as well. It was an odd piece of furniture, 4.5 feet long, 18 inches deep, and only a foot tall. It was a strange size, and I think that is what I liked about it, it fit perfectly. I was finally able to find a suitable replacement at Antique Purveyor. As luck would have it, I was able to find all of the rest of my replacement furniture at as well -- and I didn't stop with just the living room. In the end, I outfitted my entire living room and picked up a formal dining room furniture set too.

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